Hemp Protein Powder – Benefits and Uses

Olejek w proszku

Hemp protein powder, or hemp meal, as it is sometimes referred to, is usually made from the by-product of the hemp seed pressing process into hemp oil. After the oil is squeezed out of the seeds, the remaining product, known as the hemp cookie, contains over 25% protein and is an excellent source of dietary […]

Hemp: Nature’s Perfect Protein

Cannabis sativa, better known as industrial hemp, comes from the same plant family as illegal marijuana. However, despite the fact that both industrial hemp and marijuana come from the same class of plants, the argument that they are one and the same could not be further from the truth. Instead, hemp seeds have been recognized […]

CBD vs THC, The Devil Is In The Detail


21 carbon atoms, 2 oxygen atoms and 30 hydrogen atoms. Both chemical compounds CBD and THC have the same chemical structure, but their arrangement determines the type of effect on our body. CBD is not considered a psychoactive drug, THC is quite the opposite. What are the differences in the structure of both compounds and […]

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