CBD i kofeina- czy to dobre połączenie

Probably among you – our readers – there is also a wide group of supporters of such a mode of the day. The popularity of coffee mainly boils down to its caffeine content, which has become indispensable. There are more and more proposals to combine coffee with CBD oils as an excellent drink for concentration and better creativity. We checked CBD and caffeine – is that a good combination?

The effect of caffeine on the human body

As a nootropic drug, caffeine is considered to be responsible for improving cognitive functions. What’s more, it is considered to be the most commonly used stimulant, and it is available almost immediately. Caffeine stimulates and increases concentration, which makes us more efficient during the day. We drink coffee most often when we need energy to act. A good morning cup of coffee is an inseparable element for most of us.

The action of CBD

CBD has a calming effect and is characterized, among others, by action reducing stress. When combined with caffeine, it can potentially increase alertness and focus for longer periods. Coffee adds energy, while CBD facilitates concentration and has a long-lasting effect. It turns out that the combination of coffee and CBD oils causes the prolonged effect of caffeine, and thus leaves us full of energy for longer. Regular coffee drinkers often complain of noticeable symptoms of a decrease in caffeine. Adding a few drops of CBD will make this effect less noticeable.

Fans of combining coffee with CBD oil claim that the addition of cannabidiol reduces side effects and allows you to enjoy the desired effects. Coffee with the addition of CBD oil is said to be stimulating, but it happens at a very slow pace, which does not affect the occurrence of anxiety.

If you want to see how the combination of coffee with CBD oils affects you, remember that a wide selection of CBD can be found in our store. Feel free to share your thoughts on CBD and caffeine – is this a good combination? on our fanpage on Facebook! ?


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