CBD dla zwierząt

You certainly know that oils have a number of uses and wonderful properties for you, for people. But what about your little four-legged pet? CBD for pets? Is it really safe? How does CBD affect the life and quality of that life for a dog or a cat? We answer!

CBD for Pets – Is it safe?

Your dog or your cat is a full-fledged family member. Sometimes he is even better than your husband, wife or sister. We get it. The dog never judges. He doesn’t care how we look or how we feel, he always wants love and a little stroke. With cats… well, with cats it is different. Remember to feed and clean the litter box regularly. Maybe he will reward you with a moment of luxury of scratching him behind the ear.

So it’s no surprise that the first question that may come to your mind when you hear about CBD for animals is “Is it safe?” The answer is yes. A regular dose of CBD oil in your pet’s diet is an ideal preventative measure. Pets like cats and dogs have similar cannabinoid receptors to us humans. So there are no contraindications to buy an oil for yourself and an oil for your pet.

CBD Oil for pets and fish oil

CBD oil for pets contains fish oil in addition to CBD. You do not need to be an expert on dog or cat diet to know that it has a miraculous effect on our fur. First of all, thanks to it, our quadruped has increased immunity, nicer coat, moisturized skin, and in addition, the risk of inflammation is reduced.

You can purchase fish oil alone and add it to your food or purchase CBD oil for pets. This one will work much better because in addition to the benefits of fish oil, I enrich the dog’s or cat’s diet with the benefits of CBD oil.

How does CBD affect pets?

CBD can help sick dogs or kittens who suffer, everything hurts them, and they don’t even have the strength to approach the bowl. Of course, you cannot expect miraculous results from CBD for pets. Unfortunately, it will not cure your older pet, but it can help him significantly.

The range of positive effects of CBD oil on animals includes, for example, relieving pain, combating cancer symptoms, nausea and digestive disorders. After CBD, the dog / cat should also calm down and calm down, which will be useful for a very fearful animal, e.g. after a passage.

There are many benefits. It is worth noting that no adverse side effects have been observed so far. So do not hesitate and purchase CBD for animals today!


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