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CBD is most often presented as the main and non-psychoactive cannabinoid found directly in the cannabis plant. It is very popular among doctors and scientists, as well as among the interested parties. And do you know how cannabinoids affect humans? In the article below, we tell you about CBD – how long does it last in our body.

How CBD is shipped around the body

Taking CBD alone is a common first step. With its consumption, its journey through the human body begins. CBD travels to the liver and is then metabolized into various chemicals that are also used by the rest of the cells. Enzymes are responsible for this process, which additionally allow breaking down other medications taken. Once in the liver, CBD is distributed throughout the body, where it interacts very frequently with various receptors.

When does CBD start to work?

Unlike THC, CBD has no intoxicating effects. This means that its effects are much more delicate. A person taking CBD very often does not feel the effects, such as after consuming THC. The cannabinoid does not cause a sudden impact, on the contrary, the onset of use is very gentle. The duration of action of CBD may also vary depending on the type. Sublingual CBD oils provide the fastest results as they enter the bloodstream quickly. People using this method usually feel relief within 30 minutes, and the effect lasts up to about 6 hours. Everything depends on the concentration and dose of CBD.

CBD – how long does it stay in our body?

Research on how long CBD remains in the body is still ongoing. This time is estimated to be 18-35 hours, but there are also those who claim that CBD can last up to 5 days. This time period consists of many different factors that may regulate its length. Concentration and dosage are the most important, but also an effective method of consumption. Apart from them, biological factors are equally important, among which there are adipose tissue and the efficiency of metabolism.

Remember, each organism is different, which means that bioavailability is also different. The intensity and time that CBD remains in the human body may additionally depend on individual characteristics such as body weight, lifestyle and biochemistry.


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