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CBD is not only about oils that you apply under the tongue, suppositories or smoking dry. CBD in cosmetics? Yes! More and more companies are choosing to create an entire line of products that contain cannabidiol. Is it worth introducing them into your life?

CBD in cosmetics – proper care, is the key to success

Proper care of our face or the whole body will allow us to look the best we can. Discoloration, imperfections, pimples or blackheads can quite disturb us, especially when they appear centrally before an important event such as a wedding, party or birthday. How can we fix it?

The face should be cleansed in two stages, i.e. first wash off the make-up with e.g. make-up remover, and then clean the face once again. Then we apply tonic, night / day cream and eye cream. In addition, we make masks and scrubs once a week and voilà!

CBD in cosmetics – which brands have decided to use this solution?

The Bielenda brand has released a whole series of vegan cosmetics that contain CBD. Similar products have brands such as Dr. Kerklaan, HEMP CARE, India Cosmetics or even Sephora!

The effect of CBD on the skin

The CBD oil used in cosmetics (INCI) is called Cannabis sativa (Hemp) Seed Oil. CBD in cosmetics makes sense! Research shows that CBD can significantly accelerate skin regeneration. So it is great for skin diseases such as inflammation or eczema, but it is also great for regular care.

Our face gets dirty during the day. Currently, we also wear masks that do not help fight acne, no matter how many times we change it or wash it. Such a cream will also be perfect for people with sensitive skin or people with allergies. Cosmetics based on hemp oil from hemp seeds are especially recommended for allergy sufferers, they do not irritate and even provide relief from itching attacks. However, if you don’t want to go shopping at the mall, we’ve got a simple trick for you.

How to make a CBD cream yourself?

Do you already have your favorite cream at home? Add a few drops of CBD to it or apply CBD oil directly to your face, skin and décolleté. Ready. CBD in cosmetics works amazingly! It’s really easy, so there’s no time to waste. Purchase CBD oil today and introduce it into your daily care.


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