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CBD Full Spectrum oils have a number of different uses. There is really no reason not to introduce them into your daily life. Not only are they antibacterial, they can also protect you from cancer and insomnia. The price is really attractive considering the amount of advantages they offer. 

Oils contain CBD, i.e. cannabidiolic acid, which causes all these positive effects. Currently, we are changing our oil supplier and our offer now includes only Full Spectrum oils. What is the difference between them? Is this change good? Yes of course! Read on and see for yourself.

CBD Full Spectrum and Isolat – What is the difference between them?

Full Spectrum Oils differ from isolate oils in that they also contain other cannabinoids, such as CBG, CBN, CBC, CBDA, and all terpenes and flavonoids. Isolate oils, for comparison, contain only CBD.

CBD full spectrum oils differ not only in composition from CBD isolate oils, but above all in their action. Thanks to a whole range of other compounds, they create so-called synergies. This is the effect by which cannabinoids and terpenes become more active when taken together.
Researchers from the Lautenberg Center for General Tumour Immunology and the Department of Medicinal and Natural Products have shown that oils containing only CBD isolate show a bell-like effect on the chart. This means that CBD isolate oil quickly reached its peak of action, only to weaken over time, which required increasing the dose to maintain the desired effect.
CBD oils containing the full spectrum of cannabinoids overcome this phenomenon – researchers concluded that “the therapeutic synergy observed in the plant extract allows the use of lower amounts of active compounds, consequently reducing harmful side effects.”

Why we decided to change to the Full Spectrum? 

CBD Full Spectrum and isolate oils differ significantly in terms of extraction costs. They have a natural dark green color and an intense flavor and aroma. This is due to the fact that the composition includes terpenes and flavonoids. Oils are produced with the best method of CO2 extraction.

Regular’ oils containing Isolate are significantly cheaper than full spectrum CBD oils. The procedure of obtaining oils from the isolate is much easier to carry out. That is why the manufacturer is able to provide a much more attractive price. Does this mean that isolate CBD oils are useless? No, CBD isolate oils also have the desired properties. They bring results quickly, but with time, without increasing the dose, the effect will weaken. Full Spectrum Oils offer the best, check it out for yourself and see for yourself! In fact, this change will do us all better.


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