Cannabis sativa, better known as industrial hemp, comes from the same plant family as illegal marijuana. However, despite the fact that both industrial hemp and marijuana come from the same class of plants, the argument that they are one and the same could not be further from the truth.

Instead, hemp seeds have been recognized as the cornerstone of a healthy eating regimen for many years and are rapidly returning to the modern world as a strong nutritional trend.

As many of the foods on the market today are processed, man-made and dominated by carbohydrates, low protein intakes in the general population are an increasing problem. Due to the fact that protein is the most important macronutrient for a healthy life, this is an issue that needs to be addressed immediately in order to fight the growing health problems and the obesity epidemic worldwide.

Hemp Seeds

Most may never have heard of hemp seeds, let alone the amazing nutritional benefits. However, the amazing thing is that you can’t find a more complete protein source from any other natural source on earth. Hemp seeds contain up to 36% protein and contain all 20 known amino acids – 8 of them are essential and 2 that the human body cannot produce on its own.

Of the 36% protein found in hemp seeds, 65% is made up of edestin. Edestin is a protein similar to that found in human blood and is the sole ingredient of hemp seeds. For this reason, the protein contained in hemp seeds is perceived as the most recognizable source of protein available to the human body, and therefore the most beneficial for our health.

Recent research indicates that edestin is now recognized as the backbone of cellular DNA, due to its similarity to a protein found in the human bloodstream. If this research continues in the direction it is currently headed, cannabis seeds will soon be at the heart of anti-aging research and other nutritional research in the health industry. The second-third of the protein found in hemp seeds is albumin, another commonly studied protein that closely resembles the protein found in egg white.

Hemp seeds can also be pressed into cooking oil. As with the hemp seeds themselves, the benefits of hemp oil are quickly recognized as a nutritional breakthrough for human health. Hemp oil can be a perfectly balanced source of oil in nature, containing the perfect 3: 1 ratio of the essential oils Omega-6 (linolenic acid) to Omega-3 (alpha-linolenic acid), which are essential for joint lubrication, brain development and metabolism.


It is also known that the oil in hemp is incredibly beneficial to the cardiovascular system. As a result, many hemp oil products under development are being used as powerful natural anti-inflammatories for common diseases such as arthritis. Other major benefits of hemp oil include using it as a way to repair and boost your immune system, acting as a natural metabolism booster that helps you process food properly and burn fat, and helps increase the rate of recovery after exercise and fatigue.

Finally, hemp oil has been shown to lower blood cholesterol as well as dissolve plaque found in the coronary arteries, which ultimately lowers the risk of heart disease. Hemp seeds are also a fantastic source of other important nutrients that are beneficial to human health; including calcium, iron, phosphorus, magnesium, zinc, copper and manganese. Therefore, there is no doubt that cannabis seeds will soon become the focal point of human health and nutrition, and some people have been aware of this for several years.


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