Oleje Uzupełniające Dietę

Choosing a healthy and holistic lifestyle has never been easier. We have all seen the energetic increase in the value of food; from super berries, raw cocoa to matcha tea. Many health-conscious consumers spend time looking for more packages of food that are supposed to improve our health.

Healthy oils have taken the spotlight of superfoods recently, with their endless benefits and versatility. The healthy oil revolution! So how do we decide what kind of food we want to include in our repertoire?

Health Benefits

Most of them have similar benefits in optimizing our health, but each has its own use when used in different ways. Some oils simply offer distinctive flavors, making them ideal for salad dressings or frying food. Walnut, hemp and almond – just to name a few.

Of course, some are better for cooking than others. Choosing an oil that can maintain a high cooking temperature, often referred to as a smoking point, is key to success. For preparation, you can use olives, avocados and organic virgin coconut oil. You can also choose several varieties for your kitchen cabinets, as each offers a different use and flavor.


When it comes to cooking, organic virgin coconut oil is your best choice as more than 90% of its fat is saturated. It is naturally resistant to high temperatures. It is also full of health benefits, naturally rich in lauric acid, which is believed to lower cholesterol, and also full of antibacterial properties. Thanks to its nutritional values, it can increase metabolism.

If you don’t like the aroma of coconut, you can source it odorless while reaping all the health benefits without compromising the taste. However, if the flavor excites your taste buds, it can really make a basic recipe upscale, delicious veggies suddenly take on a smoother and richer flavor.

Why Choose “Organic Virgin Coconut Oil”? This simply means that it has been extracted in two ways, either by extraction from fresh, undried coconut meat, or extracted from pre-dried meat.


Both natural processes result in a “less processed” product. Antioxidants are much higher in organic, virgin varieties, and the increased amount of antioxidants means extra nourishment for our cells to absorb and benefit from.

Coconut oil is not only suitable for the kitchen cupboard. With over 100 known uses, it is almost perfect for use. It can be used as a moisturizer for both hair and skin, soothes cuts and scrapes, or use it to create your own natural deodorant. Real food and a trusted health companion.

Let’s not forget about our other product – avocados also have a high cooking temperature and can be used as a compliment to salads or simply in bread as a quick healthy snack.

This tasty alternative is a carrier-friendly carrier for other tastes, and its subtle flavor makes it the perfect complement to a variety of dishes. Avocado oil, which is an excellent source of vitamin E, an active promoter of healthy skin and hair, and a natural appetite suppressant, should appear in your healthy cabinet.


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