CBD Oil 20% Full Spectrum Green Line

CBD Oil 20% Full Spectrum Green Line

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CBD Green Line Full Spectrum Oil is the highest quality confirmed by certificates. The presented product contains 20% CBD of excellent quality. CBD 20% oil is completely clean and completely safe. Premium quality obliges, that’s why we specialize in selling only proven products that were made using pure CBD extract.


Green Line 20% Full Spectrum CBD Oil – Excellent strength derived from hemp

Effective operation while maintaining the highest quality!

We offer CBD Full Spectrum hemp oils at a very attractive price. Fully original, with over 100 additional health-promoting cannabinoids. We offer safety and purity of the oil, confirmed by the proprietary UMCS certificate – Maria Curie-Skłodowska University in Lublin. Thanks to this, you can be sure that our product does not contain any harmful microorganisms, pesticides, solvents, GMOs and heavy metals.

Our oils are characterized by a high CBD content. We use the best method of CO2 extraction, thanks to which we obtain only the most valuable values from hemp, which included in the oil enhance its uniqueness. What’s more, each drop is closed in a tight bottle made of the best materials. We guarantee a completely healthy and natural product.

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Why is it worth choosing our product?

  • We guarantee oils with valid certificates
  • There is the declared value of CBD compounds in the bottle
  • Our oils are FULL SPECTRUM, we do not sell isolates
  • They have an intense aroma and strong flavor.

CBD Oil Green Line, is a Premium Quality product. It improves concentration and improves memory, especially in the period of increased intellectual effort.

One drop of our oil is approx. 12 mg of CBD. A 10 ml bottle allows you to get as much as 200 drops of oil.

Composition: hemp oil + full spectrum of cannabinoids: CBD, CBDa, THC + THCa <0.2%, CBC, CDV, CBG, CBGA, CBN and phenols, flavonoids, terpenes, omega-3, omega-6 and omega-9 acids.

Quality confirmed by the UMCS CERTIFICATE

Our CBD Green Line oils have current certificates, which distinguishes them from the competition. What’s more, they are full of CBD compounds. Their excellent quality is confirmed by regular research, according to which the oil contains over 20% of the highest quality natural CBD.

Completely safe and completely legal CBD oils

We guarantee that our oils are safe for health. They do not show psychoactive effects, are not intoxicating and are not addictive. The THC content does not exceed 0.2%, which means that our oils are completely legal.

Do not take any risks, buy CBD oils only from a reliable source. Moreover, the tests performed must be confirmed by certificates. Only then can you be sure that the product is free from impurities, harmful substances and microbes.

Our oils have full documentation confirming their quality and safety for health.

Why is it worth using CBD oils?

CBD Full Spectrum Oils are effective in fighting insomnia. In addition, they aid digestion, cleanse the body, and relieve stress and symptoms of depression. Their use is also effective in therapeutic treatment for people of all ages. The use of CBD oils is not addictive.

CBD oils effectively calm the body down before going to sleep, which is why they are perfect for people who have trouble falling asleep. The oils soothe epilepsy attacks and have a positive effect on the fight against mood disorders.

With concern for our customers

We value the satisfaction and contentment of our customers, which is why we prepare our CBD oils with great care. The oils are closed in airtight bottles, and the packaging is made of high-quality materials. We make every effort to ensure that the orders shipped are properly secured, to prevent their damage – We take care of every, even the smallest detail! We care about the satisfaction of our customers, which is why we value work on product safety, also when transporting the package – we try to use biodegradable packaging materials – we use cardboard boxes with paper filler. It is thanks to this that we meet the expectations of even the most demanding customers.

We cordially invite you to our other auctions, where you will find 5% and 10% oils.

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